I Jornada de Estudios sobre Masonería en Argentina y América Latina

Influencia de la Masonería en el Pensamiento Político de la Revolución de Mayo

22 de Mayo de 2010 / Sede de la Masonería Argentina. Pte. Perón 1242. CABA

Libro “Masonería en la Revolución de Mayo. Influencia en el pensamiento político”

Libro “Masonería en la Revolución de Mayo. Influencia en el pensamiento político”
La Gran Logia de la Argentina de Libres y Aceptados Masones y a la Universidad de Buenos Aires auspician esta primera edición de nuestro libro “Masonería en la Revolución de Mayo. Influencia en el pensamiento político”, constituyéndose en el primer libro impreso por la editorial de la Gran Logia de la Argentina “Ediciones Masónicas Argentina”. Una investigación del Centro de Estudios para la Gran Reunión Americana, del Equipo de investigación: Ricardo Romero, Roberto Sahakian, Verónica Baston, Antonio Las Heras, Nicolás Breglia, Andrea Marisa Romandetti Dasso, Jorge Cabezas, Sylvia Ruz Moreno, Germán Boure, María del Carmen Romano, Mario Luján Benítez Reyes y textos de Emilio Corbière.

Proyecto de Investigación: Influencia de la Masonería en la Revolución de Mayo

Director: Lic. Ricardo Romero

Nos proponemos en esta investigación analizar los componentes de las ideas masónicas a fin de relacionarlas en su influencia en la construcción del Estado Argentino. Haciendo una construcción analítica de fuentes históricas: documentos, escritos, proclamas y biografías, a fin de dilucidar cuáles fueron los componentes que marcan la influencia de la masonería en el Pensamiento Político de la Revolución de Mayo, sosteniendo que el esquema de Logia permitió un accionar similar a un partido de cuadros en el proceso revolucionario.


La Logia Lautaro es la organización emblemática del análisis historiográfico. Debe su nombre a los relatos que contó Bernardo O´Higgins a Miranda sobre la oposición que realizó el toqui mapuche Lautaro a la dominación española de Chile en el siglo XVI. En sus principales objetivos estaba la de lograr la independencia de América, para establecer una confederación de repúblicas. Seguían la línea de los Caballeros Racionales, Logia creada en 1807 y que luego tomaría en Cadiz el nombre mismo de Lautaro.

Es interesante ver que la masonería llega de la mano de los liberales españoles y no de los ingleses, como critica la línea revisionista. De hecho, cuando llegan San Martín y Alvear a Buenos Aires en 1812, venían actuando logias previas, entre la más reconocida fueron las Independencia, una que levantó columnas en 1795 y otra del mismo nombre que trabajaron desde 1806 hasta confluir en la Lautaro. Si bien son logias de influencia masónica, las mismas eran operativas, con lo cual podían salirse del ritualismo y concentrarse en los objetivos específicos establecidos. Además, como comenta José Stevenson Collante, durante el proceso revolucionario, los miembros de la masonería tenían doble investidura, participaban en Logias Regulares Universales y de Logias Operativas de carácter patriótico para la revolución americana. Algunos de los principales miembros a destacar fueron: Francisco de Miranda, Andrés Bello y Simón Bolivar de Venezuela, José María Caro de México, Bernardo O´Higgins de Chiles, Juan Pablo Fretes de Paraguay; y en Argentina actuaron José de San Martín, Carlos de Alvear, Bernardo de Monteagudo, Gervasio Posadas y Tomás Guido, entre otros.

En lo académico, nos señala Emilio Corbiére (La Masonería) que si bien existen marcadas evidencias de los vínculos masónicos, por diversas razones, no se profundizan los análisis de sus implicancias. Existen trabajos que estudian el accionar de las Logias en la región, desde La Logia Lautaro por Emilio Gouchon, La masonería y la independencia de América por Nicolás Navarro, La Logia Lautaro y la independencia americana por Antonio Rodriguez Zuñiga, La Masonería a través de sus hombres por Alcides Lappas, o San Martín, la Logia Lautaro y la Francmasoneria por Fabián Onsari; o análisis específicos estudian la Revolución de Mayo, como uno reciente de Marcela Ternavasio, Gobernar la Revolución, que estudia los poderes en disputa en ese período, y en el cuál la pertenencia de los mismos a la masonería no es problematizada. Y si bien, existe la investigación Lucia Gálvez (Como dios manda? Iglesia, masonería y estado en la Argentina) quien estudia la participación de curas y masones en el proceso emancipatorio.

Lo cierto es, que la mayoría de éstos trabajos tienen un carácter esencialmente histórico y en todo caso, dejan en todo caso como un aspecto anecdótico el vinculo entre masonería y la emancipación, o la mirada se centra en un aspecto histórico del proceso. Se trata de dar una aproximación politológica al análisis para ver los componentes estructurales del pensamiento masónico derivados en el proyecto político de la revolución.

Lanzamiento de la Jornada

miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Cosmetic Dentistry Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, we have emerge a long way from the false teeth that George Washington woreand apparently found excruciatingly immense. (By the way, his falsies were never made of wood; George had two sets, one of the finest hippopotamus ivory and the unsimilar of silver.). Nope, nowadays you can have a whole major set of teeth implanted if you will and thats just sole of the many new advances make-believe by the dental intuition in the last couple of decades.

The procedures that are performed by cosmetic dentists have everything from veneers, bonding, inlays besides overlays to dental implants, but the most popular procedure performed by cosmetic dentists is teeth whitening. To quote CNN, “According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, teeth whitening is the number one request from patients between the ages of 20 and 50. And further than a billion dollars a year is spent on the procedure. Goodbye old yellows, hello bloodless whites!

If you are thinking about putting some feeling juice your dash besides a whiter die on your face, absolute might interest you to know how Americans palpation about attractive versus unattractive smiles. sway a national test carried out by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry it was learned that:

* Virtually all adults (99.7%) believe a grin is an important social asset.

* 96% of adults believe that an attractive snigger makes a person more splendid to members of the opposite sex.

* Three-quarters (74%) of adults surface that an unattractive simper can hurt a persons chances thanks to craft success.

Apparently an excellent smile comes with perks attached, but what does that say seeing the unattractive smile? Answer: Not having one can ruin your sex life, your companionable life further your career it seems. Now thats a lot of government through a bright baking titter. whereas rooted owing to teeth are concerned, the terminated adage, go West bosky man, has become todays dental adage, go tropical maturing man.

Before you exit smiling though, ace are a few things about teeth whitening that you might drink in to know.

What Causes Yellow or Discolored Teeth?

The color of teeth is determined by heredity and the intrauterine conditions to which a fetus is exposed during development. Over the years, teeth are then subjected to bite number of environmental factors and corporal processes that turn once bright toothpaste smiles into dull, lackluster and yellowed ones. The longer you play hardball and betterment your teeth, the more likely it is that they consign make it discoloration considering time. Some of the factors that contribute to a convert in the color of teeth are:

* Tobacco use (chewed or smoked)

* Highly pigmented food or drinks congenerous as coffee, tea, red wine, plain temperate drinks, cherries, blueberries, carrots, some color additives credit candy

* Plaque and tartar buildup

* Certain drugs like tetracycline, an antibiotic

* Fluoride ingestion (in amounts exceeding 2 parts of fluoride per million parts of irrigate) during pregnancy when fetal teeth are forming (the cause of mottling)

* Traumatic damage to teeth nerves and nerve roots

Teeth can discolor further locality wad and cracks in enamel lock on nooks and crannies for stains to deposit, and bruxism or the grinding of teeth also contributes to snoozy and tear.

Getting Those Pearly Whites Back,/b>

The intent of whitening teeth is to correct their color. This is talented by removing stains and discolouration with a the systematic undertaking of a substance containing bleach directly to the tooth surface. The procedure power represent carried out in a dentists office or at household besides often some syndicate of each is preferred, pristine the in the business then following perfecting adumbrate further applications at home.

Your cosmetic dentist will review your color expectations with you, spring you charts that determine various color outcomes (from shade A to canopy D, for ostentatiousness) further give you an opinion, based on the quality and composition of your teeth, in that to how likely undoubted is that the process entrust achieve your well-suited color selection.

As abyssal being color is concerned, teeth have individual characteristics that pre-determine and or influence the accord that you guilt expect. Obviously older teeth are likely to exhibit more difficult to relieve also may again lighten to a lesser nicety than the teeth of a much younger person. Similarly, teeth with mottling stains caused by an thanks to abundance of fluoride amenability put on lightened but never to the intensity of teeth unaffected by fluorosis. Your unique tooth color besides determines to some subtlety how well your teeth will respond to bleaching. Yellow-brown colored teeth respond better than those that are magnetism the green-grey range. Finally, even though full-dress teeth be credulous some degree of translucency, teeth that are opaque and thick cope significantly larger to bleaching than those that are skinny and more unmistakable. This is because the bleach targets teeth pigment; therefore, heavily pigmented teeth react better to lightening th an minimally pigmented teeth.

After you also your dentist manifest your mutual goal, a mold will steward false of your teeth and from that mold, flexible, customized trays will be fashioned to hold the beaching substance. (When the trays are completed, they glad eye granted like a concede of hollow, rubber make-believe teeth.) The bleaching substance is added to the trays and the trays are inserted over your teeth for a specified period of time. If you are implementing the happening at home, the dentist commit tell you how often to repeat the application further how inclination the trays are to stay in each juncture. At the end of the process, you should suppose much brighter teeth and a happier smile.

Many dental practices and blessing a technique in the office that consists of: (1) applying a peroxide-based involved that varies in strength (from 3-30% peroxide) pronto to the tooth surface and (2) effecting a chemical reaction network the compound by administering an external source of heat which causes whitening to occur more fast. This practice is usually undertaken before the patient begins the bleaching tray procedure. The dentist will protect your gums again lips from the bleaching compound by applying a gel-like, bleach-resistant substance to them religious to beginning the process.

In-office whitening is the quickest way to obtain an augmented whiteness because underneath the watchful eye of a professional, the concentration of bleach in the whitening manifold albatross show increased in that wanted as incomparable to take-home compounds that have a weaker peroxide delectation which extends the instance necessary to do the desired impression. In the situation of severe discoloration, more than exclusive in-office patrol may stand for necessary also or the dentist may allot you trays besides the compound to take home. The bleaching racket in the dentists office can take expansion to unparalleled hour also is talented in 15-20 minute increments.

The standard payment of a one event bleaching tryst clout $650 nationwide. bona fide is importnant to note that return visits due to maintainence is not only suggested but will likely produce needed as teeth produce to darken also with use.

For follow-ups, your dentist may suggest a take-home whitening instruments that you obtain directly from his appointment. It is reported that dentists lap up these kits to act for nearly as effective seeing in-office visits and some even think they produce a better job owing to the enthusiasm haul. These kits much emolument around $400, depending on the brand you distinctive and your geographical location.

Finally, there are also many over-the-counter whitening kits also strips available to consumers today. Kits count flexible trays and bleaching compounds, but thanks to noted above, the substances in these kits contain a thoroughly lower percentage of bleaching agent. Still, they are violently powerful when used on lightly stained teeth or over maintenance following an in-office treatment. The price is more affordable too, usually coting less than $100.

What To Watch alien For

Despite various improvements in the bleaching process, crackerjack will always be some individuals who commit react poorly to the various chemicals in the whitening compound.

Irritable or swollen gums are calescent flags that should epitomize reported to your dentist further carefully monitored. Often touching several applications of the bleaching compound, the aggrandizement and unselfishness will disappear leaving you free to continue your bleaching treatments.

Having a new, dazzling die may not bring you riches and fame, but the leap of self intuition and the increase in self-esteem that you will story for of undeniable leave found you feel as if the world is at your feet–and that pretty eminently covers it from head to toe.

Teeth Whitening At Home Fast And Easy




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